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“Grid infrastructure and Grid technologies for applications in fundamental and applied science” -2015. Kyiv, Ukraine, 8 December 2015. BITP

         Ukrainian National Grid is the targeted state scientific and technological project (program) on the development and implementation of grid-technologies for 2009-2013, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2009.

          The project objective is to build a national grid-infrastructure and to introduce grid-technologies in all areas of scientific, social and economic activities in Ukraine, as well as to train specialists on grid-technologies.

          The following management bodies are created for project control:

  • Interdepartmental Coordinating Council, which defines the general principles of development, grid infrastructure program and operational plans;
  • Project Coordination Committee, which is the executive body and has the authority to represent the national grid-infrastructure at the national and international levels.
  • Basic Coordination Centre (BCC), which is responsible for operation of the national grid-infrastructure.

         Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is  the basic organization for the implementation of the Project UNG.

      BCC provides management and coordination of works on supporting the operation of the national grid-infrastructure.

         BCC on technological and operational level serves as the National Operations Centre (Resource infrastructure Provider) of UNG grid-resources in relation with the International grid-communities.

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"ERA priorities and Horizon 2020: New Start for Ukraine”

International Conference "EU program" Horizon 2020, training for national and regional contact points"  took place.  In the conference,  vice-chairman of Young Scientists Council of NAS of Ukraine and member of the expert team "ERA of Ukraine" Yulia Bezvershenko  took part with  presentation "ERA  priorities and Horizon 2020: New Start for Ukraine”  

“Grid infrastructure and Grid technologies for applications in fundamental and applied science”

Conference for presentation of reports on implementation of the comprehensive research program of NAS of Ukraine  “Grid infrastructure and Grid technologies for applications in fundamental and applied science” will be in 2015, December (Tuesday), 8. A conference will take place in Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics in к. 422 (5th floor). Beginning of a meeting is in 10.00 a.m.

Address of Coordination group is grid@nas.gov.ua

The third edition of Wolfram Mathematica on Ukrainian and Russian!

The author, Andrey Zelenitsya,  published a translation of the third edition of the interactive tutorial for Wolfram Mathematica on the  Ukrainian and Russian. Tutorial is free and author give the  right to free its distribution.

EGI: Status, challenges and opportunities in the Digital Single Market of ERA

The European Commission has identified the completion of the Digital Single Market (DSM) as one of its 10 political priorities   and much effort is being done in aligning strategies and initiatives along the DSM targets.  This presentation provides an overview of the services and the initiatives that EGI is supporting to promote open science and the technical roadmap and challenges that will drive its future evolution.

Position Paper: European Open Science Cloud for Research ( 30 October 2015)

The Open Science Cloud offers researchers from all disciplines seamless, open access to the advanced digital capabilities, resources and expertise they need to collaborate and to carry out data- and computing-intensive science. Secure and trustworthy, the Open Science Cloud engages researchers in governing, managing and preserving resources for everyone’s benefit. The Open Science Cloud is an open, service-driven endeavour, inclusive of all stakeholders. Governed as a commons, it leverages two decades of public and private investment in e-infrastructures for the benefit of scientific research and innovation. 

EGI publishes strategy document for 2015-2020

The “EGI Strategy 2015-2020: Enabling Collaborative Data and Compute Intensive Science” is now published and available for public consultation. The EGI Strategy document is the fruit of an intensive work lead by the EGI.eu Strategy and Policy Team, in concertation with the EGI Council and the EGI.eu Executive Board. The result is a concise summary of EGI’s positioning in the evolving e-Infrastructure landscape.

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