CA Centre

        The Ukraine Grid Certification Authority Centre is created to provide the needs of Ukrainian research and education community for Public Key Infrastructure service, as well as to allow integration UGRID infrastructure with European and World Grids. The UGRID CA is hosted and operated at the High-Performance Computing Center of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. The UGRID CA is supported by and works in collaboration with the government institutions and non-government organizations related to the IT sector.


Certification Authorities

         The UGRID CA is defined as a medium assurance CA. The UGRID CA does not issue certificates to subordinate Certification Authorities. The UGRID CA issue certificates under the approved versions of this CP/CPS document. Distribution of the validation process shall be implemented using a network of trusted Registration Authorities (RAs).

Registration Authorities

         The procedures of verification of the Subscriber’s identity and of approving their certificate requests are performed by trusted individuals – Registration Authorities. Such trusted intermediaries are formally assigned by the UGRID CA, their identities and contact details are published in the online repository (as described in section 2.2), and the information is updated regularly.      

        The RAs are required to declare their understanding of and adherence to this CP/CPS, and to perform their functions in accordance with it. RAs do not issue certificates.


         Certificates may be issued both to individuals and to computer entities. Eligible for certification by the UGRID CA are individuals or computer entities working for organizations formally based in and/or having offices inside the Ukraine, which are involved in the research and/or deployment of multi-domain distributed computing infrastructure, intended for cross-organizational sharing of resources, and/or which are participating actively in national and international Grid projects. This also includes services or host applications running on the referred computer entities; however, a host certificate shall be preferred to a service one in all cases where the latter is not strictly required. The focus of these organizations SHOULD also be in research and/or education.

Relying parties

         All entities (including users of the Grid computing infrastructures) that employ the public keys in certificates, issued by the UGRID CA, for signature verification and/or encryption will be considered as relying parties.