GRID-technologies in medicine


Creating a basic grid-complex of the telemedicine center and the introduction of Grid-applications for the storage and processing of medical data


Create a grid-complex of State Clinical Research Telemedicine Center in Kiev, to work out basic services for the transport of medical data from a regional telemedicine departments and branches with the help of telecommunication technologies to implement grid-based application for automated processing of medical information, including EKG studies and radiological examinations in standardized formats and communications standards.


State Clinical Research Telemedicine Center of Health of Ukraine (hereinafter Center) is the only official medical institution of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, not only provides telemedicine services to the public, but also engaged in the development of telecommunications networks, developing a normative and methodological support for telemedicine services throughout the territory of Ukraine.

It is quite clear that the introduction of advanced grid technology in health care practice to one side to provide developers and researchers of Grid-applications of medical information, on the other hand to develop the appropriate hardware and telecommunications infrastructure. This should take into account the ethical use of health information and appropriate measures and means to protect this information from unauthorized use.

Thus, the activities of scientific and technical programs related to the creation of Grid systems, relevant primarily for scientific and Telemedicine Center in Kiev. The creation of this complex and its connection speed optical network to the Ukrainian Academic Grid segment will provide a framework for effective cooperation between the grid projects in Ukraine and Ministry of Health medical research projects of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2010, the project envisions the integration of hardware platform, Grid-complex on the premises and mining transport of medical data from the regional divisions and affiliates of the Center. Primarily, this can be standardized data about the tele-ECG of Telecard Network (over 50000 surveys at this time) and telemedicine consultations ambulances, and so many not yet structured visual information in a standard DICOM. This information will be pre-processed, structured and will be used in research on grid-based applications without reference to the relevant data card, for which those medical records belong.

Separately, the project will provide work for the establishment of telecommunication channel to the academic segment of the grid. In subsequent years, the Grid Center complex will be the testing ground for pilot implementation of Grid-applications being developed by other members of the scientific and technological programs, and will include a dedicated virtual organization of medical direction.

Thus, the creation of Center of Grid-complex is important for building an information bridge between the NAS of Ukraine of medical direction and telemedicine centers MH of Ukraine.

Since the grid-complexes are difficult technical solutions that require significant effort to support and maintenance, it should be seen as a resource for collective use. In our opinion, experience in deploying Grid-complex in Kiev will need to expand it to 3-4 regional centers of telemedicine, but no more.


National telemedical network

State Clinical Research Center of Telemedicine has initiated to create a national telemedicine network that is currently connected:

  • National Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev)
  • City Clinical Hospital № 6 (Medical city, Kiev)
  • Donetsk Regional Clinical Territorial Medical Association (DRCTMA, Donetsk)
  • Trans-Carpathian Nowak Regional Clinical Hospital (Uzhgorod)
  • Republican Semashko Clinical Hospital (Simferopol)
  • Rehabilitation Diagnostic Center MH of Ukraine (Donetsk region, Konstantinovka)
  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Kiev)

At the moment there is the ability to connect telecenters, which operate on the basis of medical universities in different cities of Ukraine. To date, permanent members of telemedicine consultation and video conferencing are the leading medical institutions Zhitomir, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, etc.

Until the end of 2012 will create a national network of all Ukrainian regions (regional hospitals). This project is supported by the MH of Ukraine and the UN office in Ukraine, with the assistance of MTS-Ukraine. Used equipment for video conferencing by leading manufacturers (Polycom).

We invite all interested companies and organizations to participate in conferences, teleseminars, council, etc.