issue 2


The purpose of this document is to define a technical roadmap for the interoperable integration of virtualised resources from different resource providers to provide an integrated federated virtualised resources infrastructure for exploitation by EGI’s user community. To achieve interoperability between the individual deployments, while allowing individual sites the flexibility to deploy the software that they wish, some interfaces will need to be constrained to clearly defined specifications.

This document defines a minimal set of usage scenarios that when supported will provide key functionality for the end-users wishing to utilise ‘cloud’ interfaces provided as part of EGI. From these scenarios a number of functional areas are defined and from these functional areas a set of standards and specifications are identified that will define interaction across this functional areas.


This report, prepared for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Information Society and Media, identifies the benefits and costs of accelerating the development of a fully functional einfrastructure for scientific data – a system already emerging piecemeal and spontaneously across the globe, but now in need of a far-seeing, global framework.