User and General EGI Sustainability

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Dates: from 24 January 2012 10:00 to 26 January 2012 16:00
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam
Science Park, Amsterdam, NL
Room: Turing Hall, CWI



The funding model within EGI is going to change. EMI's funding ends in April 2013 and the continued support for the user facing services will depend much more on the commitment the users of those individual services are willing to make to their support.


The infrastructure is also changing. The exploration of a federated cloud infrastructure has the potential to empower user communities, or those acting on their behalf, to deploy the software that they want, when they want, providing it can be encapsulated within a virtual machine.


This will change the dynamic as to the services coming from the user community and the services coming from the e-Infrastructure. The provision of these two sets of services needs to be sustainable in the long-term either within our current structures or through the definition and implementation of new structures.


This workshop is split into two parts. The first part allows the user communities to identify the key services they need and how they expect them to be sustained. If not sustained by themselves, what is the business case for the e-infrastructure provider (or other entity) to sustain them? The second half of the workshop brings in other sustainability issues from the e-infrastructure and technology providers to consider the sustainability of the EGI ecosystem as a whole.


Who should attend?

* Representatives of user communities

* Representatives of e-Infrastructure providers

* Representatives of technology providers





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