EGI Service offerings to the Chemistry, Molecular & Materials Sciences


In this Webinar presentation Gergely Sipos from provided an overview of the services that the European Grid Infrastructure Collaboration offers to the 'Chemistry, Molecular & Materials Science and Technology' community (CMMST). The presentation is delivered for the members and partners of the 'Towards a CMMST VRC' Virtual Team project of EGI. For further information about this project please refer to




The following topics were covered in the Webinar:
* The EGI collaboration (stakeholders, members, users, projects, etc)
* EGI User support structure
* EGI Services for scientific communities
* Virtual Organisations
* Grid services
* Cloud infrastructure
* Services for community management and collaboration
* Ready-to-use scientific applications that are integrated with the EGI
* Workflow development and execution tools in EGI (incl. workflow of workflows)
* Scientific gateway portals in EGI
* Connecting (federating and sharing) high performance computing and storage resources
* Links to other e-infrastructure initiatives
* Infrastructure integration activities with EUDAT and PRACE
* Comparison of portals, mention the CHAIN portal