"ERA priorities and Horizon 2020: New Start for Ukraine”





November 26, 2015, International Conference "EU program" Horizon 2020, training for national and regional contact points"  took place. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine jointly with the National Contact Point Programme "Horizon 2020" at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. In the conference,  vice-chairman of Young Scientists Council of NAS of Ukraine and member of the expert team "ERA of Ukraine" Yulia Bezvershenko  took part with  presentation "ERA  priorities and Horizon 2020: New Start for Ukraine” 

Yulia Bezvershenko  offered prime steps for implementation of the aim.   

“New start: what do we need to start with?

To change the system of evaluation

• Implementation of new procedures of  evaluation (based on procedure of REF 2014 for universities and on procedures of Max Planck society or Leibnitz association for research institutes).

• Inclusion of international experts into the review panels.

• Usage of the core principles for international peer review.

To integrate & use research  

Legalization of research infrastructure in Ukrainian legislation (1st step done).

• Roadmap of Ukrainian research infrastructures in accordance with ESFRI.

• Sign the agreement on membership of Ukrainian National grid infrastructures in EGI.

• Focus efforts on the research infrastructures  concentrated around EGI, its resources and  services.

To become a part of Digital ERA

• National Strategy of Open Science

• National strategy of Open Innovation

• National strategy of open and free  access to publications and data for end-users.”





The pictures were taken from the presentation of the Tiziana Ferrari, EGI director 



"To create a coordination structure for ERA in Ukraine

Bilateral committee for the scientific and technical cooperation between Ukraine and EU.


EU: DG Research, stakeholders of ERA - Science Europe, LERU, EUA, EARTO, CESAER, NordForsk; ESF, EIT, representatives of National research communities from MS-leaders (Germany, UK, France, Finland...) etc.


UA: MES, Presidents Council of Academies of Sciences, Association of University Rectors,

representatives of scientific institutes of NASU, experts etc. + National Council of Science (Science

committee), National Research Fund (Science Council)


To prepare a draft of national ERA Roadmap for Ukraine


Workshop in the nearest future!


• Goals:


–To support the exchange of experience with setting up national ERA action plan.


–To transfer skills of realization of priorities of ERA and participation in the European  research infrastructures.


The following structure of participants and the directions of such a meeting is proposed:"


Stakeholders of ERA

More effective national research systems

Optimal transnational co-operation and competition (research infrastructures)

Optimal circulation, access to and transfer of scientific knowledge including via digital ERA. European Open Science Cloud:

Open Innovation

full presentation: