EOSC: From Vision To Action - EOSC Summit 12 June 2017


The EOSC Summit took place in Brussels, on the 12th of June, collecting 120 invited experts and key players in the European Open Science Cloud. The Summit was the “moment of commitment to the EOSC”, as clearly highlighted by director-general Robert-Jan Smits during the day.

Carlos MoedasEuropean Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, introduced the event with an inspiring explanation of its visionary idea on the role of the EOSC as 'The New Republic of Letters'  >> Read all here <<

A final, explanatory, quote from Voltaire ended perfectly Moedas’ speech, showing all of us that the process of knowledge-sharing is all but not a recent matter:

What we find in books is like the fire in our hearths. We fetch it from our neighbours, we kindle it at home, we communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all.

 - Voltaire

More information and related documentation such as Agenda, Papers are available here.