Next EGI Webinar (November, 21) : AppDB VMOps Dashboard – A graphical portal to manage applications and services on federated cloud infrastructures


The EGI Applications Database (AppDB) was recently expanded with the Virtual Machine Operations (VMOps) dashboard. The VMOps dashboard provides graphical interfaces and high-level services for users to manage Virtual Machines and Virtualised Appliances on federated cloud infrastructures, particularly on the EGI Federated Cloud and community-specific cloud federations, for example the  ELIXIR Competence Centre Cloud Federation.


The EGI Federated Cloud is a seamless network of academic private clouds and virtualised resources, built around open standards and focusing on the requirements of the scientific community. Access to this infrastructure was until now possible via programming APIs and command line interfaces. The VMOps dashboard, the topic of this webinar, recently extended the possibilities with a graphical portal interface, significantly reducing the burden to manage virtualised resources in federated clouds.


This webinar will introduce the key capabilities of the VMOps dashboard, particularly:


A wizard-like builder that guides users through the selection of virtual machine images, virtual appliances, cloud resources and contextualization scripts to deploy complex applications or services in federated clouds.

Graphical interfaces and tools to monitor and manage your applications/services in federated clouds, independently of underlying cloud technologies.

A scalable architecture composed of a generic front-end and several, technology-specific back-ends for load balancing, and with a RESTful API to integrate with 3rd party services.

The EGI Applications Database is developed and operated by the Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications (IASA) on behalf of the EGI Foundation as an EGI Core Service.


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The webinar is open for anyone. Registration is not required, but recommended prior the event (using the 'Apply here' link below).

Participants    Azza Ahmed; Javier Carnero; Hervé Caumont; Davor Davidovic; Laura del Cano; Andrea Dell'Amico; Miroslav Dobrucky; Carl-Fredrik Enell; Stephane GERARD; Radim Janca; Ivana Krenkova; Giuseppe La Rocca; Leandro Lombardo; Vincent Negre; Radim Pesa; Hrabovsky Radek; Bouchra Rahim; Massimo Rizzi; Cesare Rossi; Jörg Schaarschmidt; Frank Schluenzen; Klaus-Dieter Schmatz; Fabio Sinibaldi; Tomislav Stilinovic; Mikael Trellet

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017
  • 14:00 - 14:10Welcome & introduction to cloud federations 10'
    Speaker: Dr. Giuseppe La Rocca (
  • 14:10 - 14:25Webinar presentation 15' 
    Introduce the high-level architecture of the VMOps dashboard
    Speakers: Marios Chatziangelou (IASA)William Vassilis Karageorgos (GRNET)
  • 14:25 - 14:50Demonstration 25'
    Speakers: Marios Chatziangelou (IASA)William Vassilis Karageorgos (GRNET)
  • 14:50 - 15:00Q&A 10'