Memorandum of Understanding between UW CHTC (Open Science Grid) and BCC


In 2015, the specialists of the Physico-Technical Institute of Low Temperatures. BI Verkina of the NAS of Ukraine, MM Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics and OSG installed and configured the access server of the HTCondor system. The system HTCondor (the development of the University of Wisconsin-Madison USA, is a distributed computing system, adapted to perform the most complex computing tasks both on personal computers in local networks and in the grid infrastructure .

In 2016, UNG and OSG specialists carried out work on the support of a shared access server:

 - updated HTCondor software which is used as an interface for accessing OSG resources.

- settings for launching tasks using the NWCHEM software package for quantum chemical calculations have been completed.

Currently, 10.000 servers are available for VO BITP users. As a result of using the US grid infrastructure (OSG, HTCondor, package NWCHEM), more than 150 tasks were performed and 288,000 core* hours were used.

 The basic coordination center UA  and the computer center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison USA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which defines the terms of access for users of the Ukrainian grid to the resources of the US OSG infrastructure. The implementation of this Memorandum allows Ukrainian Grid users who are members of the VO BITP virtual organization to use more than 10,000 servers of the OSG infrastructure for their own scientific computing.