The INDIGO-Data Cloud project: new paper highlighting achievements




The INDIGO-Data Cloud project recently published a paper that highlights the project’s achievements. The paper, entitled “INDIGO-DataCloud: a platform to facilitate seamless access to e-infrastructures”, was published online in Journal of Grid Computing in July 2018.

INDIGO-Data Cloud (in short: INDIGO) was a 30 months European project running from 2015 to 2017 which developed a comprehensive open source cloud software platform targeted to multi-disciplinary scientific communities. The project produced innovative tools that facilitate and optimize the exploitation of distributed compute and storage resources through public or private cloud infrastructures.

Since its inception, the project roadmap was user-driven and involved many scientific communities with the purpose of identifying use cases, requirements and technology gaps. The work of the INDIGO team led to two major software releases, codenamed MidnightBlue (August 2016) and ElectricIndigo (April 2017), as well as to two versions of the INDIGO service catalogue