"Scientific service on the Internet-2013: all sides of parallelism"


On traditional international supercomputer conference "Scientific service on the Internet-2013: all sides of parallelism" the report on the State target scientific and technical program of implementation and application of grid technologies for 2009-2013 (A.G.Zagorodny, S.Ya.Svistunov, L.F.Belous, A.L.Golovinsky, The UKRAINIAN NATIONAL PROGRAM OF UA-GRID AND ITS  ACHIEVEMENT) was represented.

Conference was organized by the RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES,

SUPERCOMPUTER CONSORTIUM OF UNIVERSITIES OF RUSSIA and it took place near to Novorossiysk from September 23 to September 28.

The subjects of conference were devoted to parallelism in all its diversity, underlying both in existing and perspective supercomputer technologies. In the first day   of conference activities, the 19th edition of the Top50 list (http://top50.supercomputers.ru/) the most powerful computers of the CIS was declared.

Conference of the "Scientific Service on the Internet" is held for the fifteenth time. Over 200 people took part in its operation.