The director of EGI published the April letter about essential project tasks of EGI-InSpire, its mains of milestones and events. In particular, the final version of discussions of the report "Seeking New Horizons: EGI's Role in 2020" is published  and  the important next events.




Welcome to TNC2012.The TERENA Networking Conference (TNC) is the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference will be held in Reykjavik (Iceland)  from 21-24 May 2012


The TNC2012 will be hosted by the Icelandic National Research and Education Network (RHnet) and the University of Iceland and held in the picturesque city of Reykjavik in Iceland from 21-24 May 2012. RHnet provides network connectivity to all state universities and research institutes. With respect to its research activities and accomplishments, RHnet represents Iceland in the development of the Nordic network, NORDUnet, that takes part in the pan-European network GÉANT and participates actively in the project implementation. This sets the perfect scene for TNC2012.


ARC for e-Science infrastructures. NorduGrid  2012 – from 30 May to 01 June 2012 (Upsala, Sweden). The annual conference.

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NorduGrid 2012  - from 30 May 2012 to 01 June 2012 (Europe/Stockholm). The annual NorduGrid conference takes place in Uppsala, the home for the oldest Nordic University and several Swedish e-Science and computing infrastructure projects. It is a three-day event, featuring both plenary sessions and the technical workshop, focusing on the needs of e-Science infrastructures



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Over the last three months, EGI has been reflecting on its strategy as Europe moves towards the ambitious aims outlined in the European Commission's Europe 2020 vision. Following review and feedback from the EGI-InSPIRE Project Management Board, the EGI strategy is now available for your feedback and comment

Steven Newhouse, March 12, 2012

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