Ukrainian Grid News, news

The author, Andrey Zelenitsya,  published a translation of the third edition of the interactive tutorial for Wolfram Mathematica on the  Ukrainian and Russian. Tutorial is free and author give the  right to free its distribution.

Ukrainian Grid News, news

The EGI Council has decided to simplify the name of the European Grid Infrastructure to EGI – just the acronym without an expansion. The change reflects the evolution of EGI towards becoming a worldwide, technology-agnostic e-Infrastructure for science.

Ukrainian Grid News, news

The “EGI Strategy 2015-2020: Enabling Collaborative Data and Compute Intensive Science” is now published and available for public consultation. The EGI Strategy document is the fruit of an intensive work lead by the Strategy and Policy Team, in concertation with the EGI Council and the Executive Board. The result is a concise summary of EGI’s positioning in the evolving e-Infrastructure landscape.


EGI Community Forum 2015: “Building Next Generation e-Infrastructures through Communities”,  Bari, Italy, 10-13 November 2015. The registration for the Community Forum is open.


Europe’s researchers have access to super-fast networks, common data storage facilities, and shared computing resources. The challenge now is to link them all together into a single science cloud.


The future development of the European Research Area (ERA) was discussed at the conference A new start for Europe: opening up to an ERA of innovation that was attended by more than 500 participants. The conference will cover a broad range of issues including:the results and outcome of the ‘Science 2.0: Science in Transition’ consultation; the ERA Roadmap; open labour market for researchers; building up an innovation ecosystem; future markets.


The European Research ministers converged on considering the development of a European Open Science Agenda under the European Research Area. In its conclusions, the Council called for open, data-intensive and networked research and emphasised the importance of developing e-infrastructures.

Ukrainian Grid News, news

The Chair informed delegates that following the signature by Ukraine of the accession agreement to Horizon 2020 on 20 March 2015, and pending ratification by the Ukrainian Parliament and some necessary procedural steps in the Council, Ukraine will be asked to nominate its representatives to ERAC as observers (Art. 6.3 of ERAC's Rules of Procedure). Mr. Maksyms Strikha, Deputy Minister in charge of science and research attended the ERAC plenary meeting as a guest. The Chair concluded that Ukraine will be officially invited to ERAC as Observer once all the procedural steps had been followed

Ukrainian Grid News, news

The EGI-Engage project (Engaging the Research Community towards an Open Science Commons) started in March 2015, co-funded by the European Commission for 30 months, as a collaborative effort involving more than 70 institutions in over 30 countries.


23 March, the meeting of the tender panel for summing up the calls on the scientific research program of NAS of Ukraine "Grid infrastructure and grid technologies for basic and applied applications" took place. Tender panel defined winners among institutes of NAS of Ukraine which will execute projects in 2015 and financing volumes of winning projects. The list of winners projects is attached.

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