On the 25th and 26th of September, EGI and GÉANT hosted a joint symposium on federated community clouds for research, as part of the EGI Autumn Conference. Over 150 participants gathered at the Science Park in Amsterdam to discuss community cloud services for the research community. 


Veterans returning from active duty endure many challenges to readapt to a civilian life. For some there is the added complication of combat stress, which affects their memory, attention span and other cognitive functions. 


The EGI Community Forum 2014 was held at the Helsinki University , Finland between 19-23 May 2014. The event was hosted by in partnership with the University of Helsinki and CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. The theme for the event was: Advancing excellent science



EGI Conference on Solutions and Challenges for Big Data Processing,   23 – 26 сент 2014, Amsterdam,    The Netherlands


GridKa School "Big Data,Cloud Computing and Modern Programming",  September 1-5, 2014, Karlsruhe


In March 2013 EC  released a new digital science concept used in the program Horizons 2020. Digital science is about the way research is carried out, disseminated, deployed and transformed by digital tools, networks and media. These issues are often also covered by concepts such as e-science, e-infrastructures, open science, science2.0, web science, or internet science.


Luděk Matyska, chair of the EGI Council, writes about EGI's future as a secure, federated data-analysis infrastructure for the European Research Area. "An EGI strategy to tackle society’s grand challenges by providing a powerful, secure, efficient and scalable research infrastructure and associated support services for leading-edge data analytics." 


On the international conference "Scientific service on the Internet-2013: all sides of parallelism" the report of "UKRAINIAN NATIONAL PROGRAM of UA-GRID AND ITS  ACHIEVEMENT" was represented.


The EGI Community Forum 2014 will be held at the Helsinki University Main Building in Helsinki, Finland between 19-23 May 2014.


More than 4000 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, young people and politicians are expected in Vilnius. The event will focus on Horizon 2020 - the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020.

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