Globus® Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services


Globus® Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services
Авторы:      Borja Sotomayor, Lisa Childers
ISBN-10(13):      978-0-12-369404-1
Издательство:      Elsevier
Год издания:      2006
Язык:      Английский
Рейтинг:      5 

"The aspiring Grid programmer need be frustrated no longer. Borja Sotomayor and Lisa Childers have produced, in 'Globus Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services', a masterly tutorial text that is surely destined to find a place beside every Grid programmer's keyboard."
- from the Foreword, by Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman, authors of The Grid 2 

The Globus Toolkit ( is a key technology in Grid Computing, the exciting new computing paradigm that allows users to share processing power, data, storage, and other computing resources across institutional and geographic boundaries. Globus Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services provides an introduction to the latest version of this widely acclaimed toolkit. Based on the popular web-based The Globus Toolkit 4 Programmer's Tutorial, this book far surpasses that document, providing greater detail, quick reference appendices, and many additional examples. If you're making the leap into Grid Computing using the Globus Toolkit, you'll want Globus Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services at your side as you take your first steps.