Training on GLUE 2 information validation - Webinar


The glue-validator command is a very useful command for system administrators and middleware developers who want to validate whether the information published by the service they are managing or developing is compliant with Glue 2.0. In particular, the glue-validator is able to validate against the EGI profile for GLUE 2.0

This training presented the glue-validator and how to validate the information published by a site or a resource against the EGI profile for GLUE 2.0. It described in detail the different command line options and possible output formats.

The training also covered:
* How to deal with the different failure messages from a practical point of view.
* An overview of the deployment of GLUE 2 validation in production
* What type of errors will raise alarms for the sites and how support to these sites
* The current status of GLUE 2, highlighting the most common errors and what to do to get rid of them.